Fact | What is post-holiday syndrome?

When I asked random students do they know what post holiday syndrome is, some of them show that they do not actually know or get confused sometimes. So here, the first question would be what is post holiday syndrome?

During the vacation, people are in relaxation, going to travel or playing for a long time. The mind and body are both relaxed, until the vacation is over and they suddenly feel tense up to work, and find themselves hard to adapt to the working day phenomenon. After vacation, people’s emotions are still immersed in the vacation atmosphere.

Xinru. H.



Who are we?

We are a non-for-profit initiative aiming to raise the awareness of the importance of post-holiday syndrome among college students.

What’s the problem?

Many students are hit by post-holiday syndrome when they go back to campus. They don’t want to go to lectures, and having low efficiency while study. Students may not realize, or do not think post-holiday syndrome is a big deal, until they really suffered from that. Only few of them know the tips for avoiding post-holiday, and how to readjust themselves into uni life.

Why does it matter?

Statistic has shown that only 6.6% college students list study into their holiday plan, while the rest think holiday is for break and fun. Similarly, 6% students can keep exercise during holiday. Consequently, this dysfunctional daily rhythm will build the gap between living in holiday mode and going back to uni life. Students can easily stay in ‘break mode’ and miss classed in first few weeks after break. Holiday relaxation would misleadingly make them feel work does not come with good moments; holiday break is the best fun thing.

Now it is commonly for college students suffering from post-holiday syndrome. If you can’t help yourself get rid of it in a short time period, it is possible to trigger some psychological diseases. So let’s bring it back before it’s too late!

What can I do for help?

Our campaign really needs your support and engagement to help us draw the awareness. You can share the blog, like us on facebook, follow us on twitter, get ready for our posts and activities!

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