Interview | Overall feedback for compagin

As I already had 2 interviews with uni students about our topic and we have a lot content for compaign page for now, so this time I ask my friend her opinions, like what she think about our compaign as a whole?

Hi, Rosa. I know you followed and left comments on our compaign page, so what do you think of it now?

Rosa: Overall, I think you guys make a good compaign. You share a lot of useful information and achieve the goal of rasing awarness.

What kind of content do you prefer to look at?

Rosa: tips! The tips are pretty straigtforward and works well for me.

What kind of content do you think is probably uncessary?

Rosa: Eh, maybe the definations.  I mean, defination is good for people who have no idea about this term, but I already know it so…

Xinru. H.


Interview | Shared experience from student suffering post-holiday syndrome

Last time I had a short interview with some uni students, asking their opinion of post-holiday syndrome. One of the students Lisa showed she suffered from this syndrome, so during this mid-term break, I interviewed her again and shared her experience here.

Hi, Lisa. How is your holiday?

Lisa: I went to Melborne to visit my friends, we had great fun.

How do you feel now?

Lisa: I am so relaxed now, to be honest, I don’t want to do anything.

Have you finished your assignments?

Lisa: Seriously, I haven’t started yet, but I will start it later at night.

What do you think of the coming week?

Lisa: You mean when we get back to uni? I am kind of worried and I am not sure if I can wake up that earlier,lol.

Do you always feel like this?

Lisa: Yes. But my syndrome is a lot better than before. I was much more suffered and depressed.

Do you have any advice for people who might suffer this?

Lisa:  Stay positive, always do things you are interested in. Also, there are many websites and tips about overcoming this. Go for it if you need one. Oh, talking to friends can be really helpful as well. Don’t just stay alone, talk to others, you guys will have fun and forget the syndrome.

What do you think of our compaign page now? Anything can be improved?

Lisa: I notice you have the survey published on Facebook which is good, you can then collect data and analyze. Also, in your recent blog, I found you shared the shopping websites, I like it haha. Maybe share more from different categories.

Thank you.

Xinru. H.

Interview | Post-holiday symptoms

As I mentioned in last blog that some people do not know what post holiday syndrome is. Therefore this time I showed both definitions and our campaign page to several friends in university, then based on the existing knowledge that they already had, I started interviewing them about their opinions.

Q: After reading through the definition, what do you feel about post-holiday syndrome?

Lisa: I feel like I have the syndrome.

Ania: Yeah me too, I think we all have it.

Michelle: Eh, I don’t really have the syndrome.

Q: Why?

Lisa: Holiday is just so fun and I can’t wait for the next one.

Ania: I get relaxed, have more time to do things that I like and I don’t want to come back to school.

Michelle: Holiday is no difference with uni days to me, I still follow my own schedule and do the same things.

Q: Can you give me some feedbacks about our campaign?

Lisa: I think you guys have an interesting topic which I would love to find more about it.

Ania: I like the Youtube videos you published in Facebook, maybe you can also publish them in other social media platforms.

Michelle: One suggestion is that you can publish more contents instead of only links and videos, how about raising questions and asking more people to discuss?

Thank you!

(They got class to go so there were no time to ask more questions, but next time we will have longer interview)

Xinru. H.