Holiday Guide | Feeling depressed? Go have a brunch and relax

Another weekend is coming,  do you want to stay in bed for all day or hang out with some friends, having a nice brunch?  I know a lot people are having a lot of assignments due, but still life moves on. We need to relax and think positive. 

Devon Cafe: I am sure some of you have already been to Devon Cafe, it is one of the best cafes in surry hills. Every time I have to queue up before getting in.  devon

 screenshot from zomato restaurant discovery and rating website 

IMG_5619 IMG_5642

photos were taken by me 

Here is their website which has menu and gift voucher inside:

2. Paramount Coffe Project


screenshot from zomato


Photos were taken by me

3. Orto Trading Co


screenshot from zomato


photo was taken by me

Xinru. H.