Interview | Overall feedback for compagin

As I already had 2 interviews with uni students about our topic and we have a lot content for compaign page for now, so this time I ask my friend her opinions, like what she think about our compaign as a whole?

Hi, Rosa. I know you followed and left comments on our compaign page, so what do you think of it now?

Rosa: Overall, I think you guys make a good compaign. You share a lot of useful information and achieve the goal of rasing awarness.

What kind of content do you prefer to look at?

Rosa: tips! The tips are pretty straigtforward and works well for me.

What kind of content do you think is probably uncessary?

Rosa: Eh, maybe the definations.  I mean, defination is good for people who have no idea about this term, but I already know it so…

Xinru. H.


Holiday Guide | Shopping websites EP3

Continue with the shopping websites I shared before. This time I search for more websites from cosmetics, skincare, clothing and bags to share.

  1. Brands exclusive – It is a shopping website that includes large amounts of brands acorss clothing, bags, beauty, jewellery, living and warehouse.                                                lllllscentskin          screenshot from brands exclusive
  2. All beauty – contains wide range of cosmetics, skincare, perfume, etc. The autumn sale starts now which is up to 75% off. Free shipping over 100$.                                                                 allar       screenshot from allbeauty

Xinru. H.

Holiday Guide | Feeling depressed? Go have a brunch and relax

Another weekend is coming,  do you want to stay in bed for all day or hang out with some friends, having a nice brunch?  I know a lot people are having a lot of assignments due, but still life moves on. We need to relax and think positive. 

Devon Cafe: I am sure some of you have already been to Devon Cafe, it is one of the best cafes in surry hills. Every time I have to queue up before getting in.  devon

 screenshot from zomato restaurant discovery and rating website 

IMG_5619 IMG_5642

photos were taken by me 

Here is their website which has menu and gift voucher inside:

2. Paramount Coffe Project


screenshot from zomato


Photos were taken by me

3. Orto Trading Co


screenshot from zomato


photo was taken by me

Xinru. H.

Fact | Post-holiday blue is normal

Don’t be so worried if you feel depressed over this week. An adviser for beyondblue, Associate Professor Michael Baigent, says it’s no surprise that people find themselves feeling flat when their holidays are over.

”It’s a normal thing,” he says.

”In the holidays, people put into the day many, many more pleasurable activities than they would in routine days.

”So when you stop doing these things, people notice.

”Routine days are filled with activities that are necessary, or part of day-to-day business, and while they can give you a sense of achievement, the amount of pleasure you get from these activities is not great.”

Read the following part in the following link:

Xinru. H.

Solution | Beat the post-holiday blue

Last week we had the mid-semester break, I suppose most of people had great fun but this week we went back to uni, how do you feel? Many of my classmates say they feel depressed and unhappy, same results also showed in our post-holiday syndrome awarness survey 2. So here I want to share a video talking about how to beat post-holiday blues. Hope this can help.

Survey | Holiday experience

Hey, guys.

The mid- semester break is alomost over, and we make another survey based on the experience during holiday. Share your experience with us ~

It is a short survey that you can quickly go through. So can you please help us do this survey? I will be very appreciated.

Thank you all.

Xinru. H.