Experience | Does trip worsen post-holiday syndrome?

Travel is always one of the top three choices for holiday plan. It’s time to give yourself some reward for hardworking days, and push you into the space you haven’t known much about it before. It should be fun and excited except some unpleasurable moments might occur accidentally. However, you will notice that the hardest moment during journey is returning home. The adjustment of back to normality is so difficult, maybe you feel like suffer more from post-holiday syndrome.


Balcony view from Crown Plaza, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast.  Photo by me

I was chatting with my sister in early afternoon about her trip to Maldives last week. She had a fabulous travel and much enjoyable time. It was a New Year plan and she finally made it come true. I can see her happiness from all her posts during the journey, and I know she is going through the tough time after vacation right now. The first few days in journey are full of excitement and new experience. You met with new people, tasted and smelled food you can’t identify. You might see the views from internet or photograph before, but now they are presenting in front of your eyes, and you are able to capture this moment on your own. As time pasts and you know it’s time to end up the trip, but definitely don’t want to leave and back to normal life. Gradually, you will find tiredness coming from all directions, and getting a little nostalgic when you return home.

Screenshot of my friend's status

Screenshot of my friend’s holiday status

My sister said she started work at night when was back. That is so crazy! She doesn’t even give herself a break to adjust tiredness and routine, but jumps into two extremely different life modes. She still dreamed the beach and sea at nights. She’s trying to quickly adjust to normality but still find quite hard.

If you are planning trips for holiday, I suggest you make it at early beginning in order to give yourself some time to adjust your normal routine after trip. Because you would possibly experience double post-holiday blues from trip and post-trip.

Jie. X.


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