Solution | Tips for coping with post-holiday syndrome


People usually put many more pleasurable activities into holiday schedule than they would in routine days. When these entertaining moments going off and you are back to your boring, busy, stressful working days, you will probably being stuck around by post-holiday blues for few weeks after the break. Here are some tips for you to getrid of the sucks feeling.

1.  Face the reality.5456802728_e307e3e53f_

“Time flies when you are having fun”, but you have to face the general shock and admit your holiday is over. Do not give yourself excuse for immersing in holiday mode for extra time. Cheer up and stay positive. Holidays are a break from life, looking forward to the little everyday things in life can also be fun.

2. Have something to looking forward to.

Take the advantages of college students. You have more breaks and vacations than working people. Stretch out your travel plans and other big events to a year-around schedule. Go and see some exhibitions or performance at weekends can also make you feel relaxed.


3. Make some notes and plans.


If you are not living with the habit of regularly checking to do list, you do need to leave yourself some catch-up notes before go on holiday. Otherwise, you will feel clueless when you back – where was I up to? Where should I start from?

4. Make a prior adjustment period before back to work.


Slowly get back into routine one thing at a time. Turn off the holiday mode few days before back to your routine day. Give yourself some time to adjust the rhythm. You can easily start with changing alarm settings and fill out the schedule for coming up weeks.

5. Keep being around people.

Stay connected with families and friends, getting out and attending uni events where other people interact with you. You can possibly find some others hit by post-holiday syndrome. Go and talk to them that helps rescue you from sucks feeling.


Jie. X.


10 thoughts on “Solution | Tips for coping with post-holiday syndrome

    • Agree! It’s break time not exactlly a vacation, but we do want to go out and have some rests. These tips all based on my experience and I found they really helps! Schedule is pretty important cuz if you don’t do that, you might have no idea how to start your work / assignment right after the break.

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  1. Oh man this is so relevant! I remember when I came back from a trip to the UK last year, which involved going all over the place, and seeing cities like Edinburgh and Dublin for the first time. Needless to say that upon arriving home, the adjustment back to normality was very difficult. Wish I had seen this post before I left!

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    • Hope it can help you get rid of the sucks feeling in your next holiday! At least it will make you feel less suffered. Adjustment of back to normality is pretty tough. Totally agree with that, especially after travelling. When you see those beautiful photos and views, they always remind you all the enjoyable moments.

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  2. Some good solid advice here that could actually be applied to a range of difficult/unhappy situations not just post holiday’s. The planning steps are especially important I think as it helps to keep the mind occupied as opposed to dwell on how much you’d rather be doing something else.

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  3. Me again!!!!!(doge face×10)
    我想说…reality…是电影La Boum的主题曲…苏菲玛索好看哭…好的…以上都不是重点!
    首先出门前抱着期待的心情规划好所有事情订机票酒店然后吃吃吃…还是吃…吃完就看哥哥(●ↀωↀ●)✧既做到了计划出行又能跟小伙伴一起玩 轰轰烈烈跟打仗似得看完回来就计划下一次出行( ̄▽ ̄)………对………中间该读书读书该工作工作………mo…总之理智的我是不耽误的:: ೖ(⑅σ̑ᴗσ̑)ೖ :: 假期综合症不治而愈~~

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      • Yep. I haven’t seen him for a long time.I miss him sooooooo much(┬_┬)I’m looking forward to Christmas because I can see him 😭😭😭


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