Fact | Post-holiday syndrome: Why should I care?

The first week after your enjoyable holiday really sucks. You had enough sleep, tasty food and drinks and fun trips on holidays to make up the loss in working days. But now you are back to your boring busy weekdays again. You may leave this mess to time, and think it goes away with time. But I strongly encourage you to face this syndrome and help yourself out. Here are four reasons about why should I care about post-holiday syndrome?

1. All of us get that sucks feeling, you can’t avoid it.


Very few people feel that they are not hit by post-holiday blues, this probably happens because they are less suffered and couldn’t tell whether the blue mood comes from post-holiday or daily routine. You know the difference between holidays and working days, and you will find it’s hard to make yourself stop thinking the fun moments.

2. Try to make things better, instead of sitting there and doing nothing.
Student in a library surrounded by piles of books

Photography by UGL_UIUC on Flickr

People usually share their moods and feelings with families, friends and on internet. If you are not feeling good, go to talk, get some music and food. Be positive, try to do something can cheer you up. Don’t let yourself stuck in mess!

3. Rescue you before things getting worse.

Photography by Lindsay Clark © THINK Global School on Flickr

Tiredness, less motivated depression; these post-holiday symptoms can possibly trigger and bring more side effects in normal routine. Laziness and sleepy make you feel less focused at work and study; overeating causes anorexia and other health problems. Get the rid of vicious circle before worse things coming up!

4. Good for health.

Although it is normally for people to experience post-holiday syndrome, this can’t be a reason to indulge yourself. Read some articles, be organized get some information and tips. This is always good for you, both physically and mentally.

Photography by Vincent Noel on Flickr

Jie. X.


3 thoughts on “Fact | Post-holiday syndrome: Why should I care?

  1. 心情不好出门吃肉不就好了☜这个对我特别有效ヾ(●ω●)ノ
    总是get that sucks feeling这是抑郁了吧😂
    TVB经典台词 做人最紧要开心←_←
    你饿不饿 煮碗面给你吃啊→_→

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