Holiday Guide | Shopping websites EP1

Today is the first day of the mid-term break, I suppose everyone feels relaxed and excited now. Do you have any ideas about where to travel or what to do at home? 

Here, I find some fun websites that include shopping websites,suggestions for vacation and travel guide websites for you to have a look.

If you haven’t think of any things to do outside, maybe try shopping online because I always do this, lol.

Feelunique: A shopping website of beauty products that can be shipped worldwide free over 20$ It has widerange of fragances, make up, skin care products , hair products, etc.

feelunique screenshot

feelunique screenshot 2

                Screenshot from the feelunique website. 

Here is another suggestion for you to do at home which is an article published on Apartment theraphy website

Things you do on vacation that you could at home

screenshot things to do on vacation

Screenshot from the apartmenttherapy website.

If you want to travel then here is a useful travel website that I find, it also has app which could be convenient to use on phones.

Lonelyplanet: A travel guide webiste which has expert advice, travel tips, destination information and inspirations: This website providel travel information all over the world, but if you are interested in certain place, for example, Australia, then go to this website:

lonelyplanet screenshot

screenshot from lonelyplanet website

lonelyplanet screenshot 2

screenshot from lonelyplanet Australia website.

Leave comments or share your fun websites with us

I will update more blogs as well

Xinru. H.


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