Interview | Post-holiday symptoms

As I mentioned in last blog that some people do not know what post holiday syndrome is. Therefore this time I showed both definitions and our campaign page to several friends in university, then based on the existing knowledge that they already had, I started interviewing them about their opinions.

Q: After reading through the definition, what do you feel about post-holiday syndrome?

Lisa: I feel like I have the syndrome.

Ania: Yeah me too, I think we all have it.

Michelle: Eh, I don’t really have the syndrome.

Q: Why?

Lisa: Holiday is just so fun and I can’t wait for the next one.

Ania: I get relaxed, have more time to do things that I like and I don’t want to come back to school.

Michelle: Holiday is no difference with uni days to me, I still follow my own schedule and do the same things.

Q: Can you give me some feedbacks about our campaign?

Lisa: I think you guys have an interesting topic which I would love to find more about it.

Ania: I like the Youtube videos you published in Facebook, maybe you can also publish them in other social media platforms.

Michelle: One suggestion is that you can publish more contents instead of only links and videos, how about raising questions and asking more people to discuss?

Thank you!

(They got class to go so there were no time to ask more questions, but next time we will have longer interview)

Xinru. H.


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